Considering Multi-Store Cs-Cart


I am considering this product for my company. I own a product Brand in the market, and manufacturing and I want to develop a Multi-store website with the following features, please let me know if this will work here.


[]Each individual seller has own store, can create unique look with own name, I can give selective priveledge to seller of what parts of store they can edit and what areas are off limits.

]I control the Shopping Cart content and products, seller can control Blog content, galleries, and have own contact info etc.

[]Seller would have own sepperate Merchant Account, and the Cost or merchandise would Automactically be Deducted form customer transaction on seller web-store. The cost of goods would be sent to me, and the extra allowed profit, minus other merchant fees would be sent to sellers individual bank account.

]I also have an Merchant company and would setup each seller with merchant account, with itemized rates for web-store, also setup Gateway like or other.

[]I would sell these web-stores to my current dealers, either monthly fee or yearly for maintance, and or co-op advertising on google and others.

]I would setup a Back-office for eash seller that they can track orders, shipments, see product inventory.

[]Sellers would have own wholesale store that they can purchase from for their person company retail store, or for other customer order that is not going through the web-store.

]Sellers can re-sell products to other contracotrs or builders in their market, and offer special sign-in credentuals that seller can give to other contractor to login and buy at reduced price, or have special coupon code in shopping cart to recieve reduced price.

[]When customers arrive to a sellers page, it is completly sepperate of all other seller pages, so customer does not navigate to other seller page.

]Sellers can have web address be unique to them. Perhaps first their web adress might be something like, but is their a way they canhost the site also and have just


Please let me know if this works

Thank you,


Dear Zeke,

Thank you for your interest in our product.

My name is Maria, I am a sales manager, I will be glad to answer your questions.

In case you would like to have multiple vendors and multiple storefronts (stores with their unique designs, domain names, products, etc.), it will be a combination of CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor. By default the idea of CS-Cart is one vendor → one or multiple storefronts while the idea of Multi-Vendor is multiple vendors → one storefront.

Such a combination requires some custom development services and it is possible, because both CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor have the 100% open access to the source code.

Please, feel free to leave us a message at so we could discuss your project in more detail.

Thank you.