Considering CS Cart. Few Questions

Hey guys, I just installed CS Cart locally, and I must admit I’m really impressed! There is lots of great stuff here that will help our business.

We sell customizable printed products, and are working on developing a flash designer. We’ve hacked together a solution, and I’m hoping its possible to implement in CSCart. The ‘hack’ uses a .swf file rather than a product image. This .swf file exposes some flashvars and waits. I run a javascript file that waits for onChange events to be fired via the attributes, such as selecting “red”, or typing your name. This in turn updates the flash file for a ‘real time proof’.

The second part, is many of my products are sold individually but also as a package. They generally consist of 3 products for a ‘full kit’. I did check out the configurator but I’m not sure thats what I’m looking for. I’d like to ‘step’ through each of the products. Rather than ‘add to cart’ I would have ‘Next’. And possibly a breadcrumb navigation at the top. The reason this is important, is because of the nature of our customization as stated above.

I look forward to hearing some feedback and/or advice.


Combos are not CS-Cart specialty. It is a difficult logical problem, I don’t know any cart that has it made easy.

The configurator is mostly for choosing a set of products based on previous choices. All selections will be added to cart.

You can also try product combinations, you make a seperate sku (product) but display there only “buy together,” completely not eligant but doable.

Yeah I’ve noticed not many carts are even architected in a way that it’s possible. It’s a very frustrating problem for our business. I appreciate the honest response.

I’ve been ‘whiteboarding’ the idea for a while, thinking about creating a new product class that stores an array of product ID’s. It would extend the default product in the sense it would be a child of categories, and has a price, and price rules apply.

I dunno, I’m so burned out on trying to figure this out. :oops: