Connecting to "Live Help" Module

We can’t seem to connect our local CS-Cart Live Help program to the chat area area of our website ( We receive the message, “Connection test failed.

Server has returned text (copied to clipboard):

Request: ih_operator&test=1,params:”

After contacting VPS Server Company (SiteGround) Staff, they tested the connection and received the message, “( !defined(‘IN_CSCART’) ) { die(‘Access denied’); }” when the php script was called directly.

Can anybody help us in this area??



Live help does NOT work as of 1.3.4 Sp3.

next release should be here soon.

I have already documented the said errors so don’t think your alone :slight_smile:

Absolutely right :wink:

you are not alone sir for now i have live help by third party on my blog site which is linked to from my store right under the live help feature so far i have had three folks send me a offline message email which it sends me the email anyone who has fantastico on there server account can get this help feature but i have it on my other site just have the link to that help feature on the store site so when they click on the link it takes them to the blog site where the help button is at i am notified by a ring tone when someone accesses the site where the live help feature is at i kinda like it and also my forum site i like also …