Confused about taxes

I added a new Destination named USA-CA and assigned it to United States and California. Then I deleted the VAT tax and added “California Tax”, cliked edit and made it so that USA-CA recieved a 7.25% tax but when I purchase something I still don’t see the tax even though I have US, California as my billing and shipping address. Anyone know what i may have missed here?

Go into the default location USA and remove State:California from it. The problem is that locations can’t overlap.

How do you get into the default locations to delete a State?


Thanks that worked.

jazzy29: Just go to “manage destinations” under “Locations” and then edit the destination “USA”.

Manage Destinations in the admin page.

Then click on the edit next to USA

Move the state over from the left to the right and blammo you’re in business.


I’m trying to set the tax only to charge NYC, but the same NYC tax charge every states, how can I change that?

thank you