Configuring Site Locator

Hi lads…

I wonder to know, how tho change the size of the maps displayed in the site locator,I have been having a look to addons/store locator, but there´s no any reference about pixeles or even to display the map in the “satellite mode”…

Any of you find it out?


This is not currently configurable.

You will find additional ideas for improving the Store Locator add-on here:




You might want to add your requests to the " Most Requested Features" thread (the second link above) or as a feature request in the Bug Tracker.


But those links doesnt have any info about it, It should be more easy than recode the addon, what I meant it must be something like resize the map until the client can see the options that google gives to change the way to view the map, I think they are : satellite - hybrid- etc…, It´s supposed it has to appear in all the apis wich call a map.

Anyway, i will try to post a new msg where ya told me.