Configurator Super Charged (Its Alive...)

Hi again

we decided to support this tool by starting from v306 and supercharging it.

We made a ton of improvements, like product images and Ajax on the fly price calculation, options in play etc.

Have a look at this live implementation we did. http://www.el-shop.g…orian-el-2.html

We are planning on going like this on all versions. If you think you like it , tell us your opinion

We will announce a price for all this in the nearest future,


As a v3 Product Configuration addon user, this sounds interesting, but I can't tell what you are doing since it doesn't look at all like the default product configuration screens and I can't read the Greek language.

I really like this. It looks to be on product details page but It might be useful as a multiple add to cart and options display at a category level. A compact easy to order page.


this is a product page and the functionality is the but we add a lot of features like the images on the left, the options that each product has (with or wthout surcharge) and the ability through ajax to update the price and the total price on the fly through ajax.

So its must user friendlier as before and more informative

I can provide a screencast if you like.



Have a look in English also in [url=“ - Οι ειδικοί στο φωτισμό και ηλεκτρολογικό υλικό”] - Οι ειδικοί στο φωτισμό και ηλεκτρολογικό υλικό

Link above giving a “greek” 404 page error… :-;


Hi Jack

sorry for that

Try this - Οι ειδικοί στο φωτισμό και ηλεκτρολογικό υλικό