Configurator Issues

The users of the configurator , do watch out!!!

There are very likely two issues

A- Creating compatibility classes for multipage product groups

Release 2.06 did not fix the issue.

Although the second and the other following product groups are now reflected on compatibility class group drop down when creating a new compatibility class, it is not saved !!. If you also want to edit the groups on the compatibility classes, the second and the other following page product groups are not reflected on the group drop down of the compatibility classes

B- If you save the products list of configured products, each save function addes up the total price of the configured products if there are default selected product.

So don’t be suprised if you end up with a very high priced configured product (with pre-selected items)

the worst part about the configurator is you have to put like a zero price becuase it adds up the prices of the part in the “configuation” and if you have some set options(only one choice) in a group on the configurator, it lists that as the base price , so on the pcategory page it says the items is only the cost of the base option, it doesnt add up the other default options you also had selected, the price then inceases up to the correct amount when you click on it to view the details- very bad for an end user!

These two issues have been solved and thanks to cs-cart for prompth action. I belive

they release the correcrtion on the next version.