Configurable products with each product user/admin defined qty?

I am evaluating cs-cart to substitute magento, and all seems possible what I want, except with configurable product/ product options. (and the missing multistore feature of course)

What I need is that a client can configure a product but the secondary products have a quantity different than 1. In our case selling garden houses with optional roof tiles and impregant.

So for example with house A, optional client would need 10 packs of tiles, and 5 bottles of impregnant.

Now the only way to do this in cs-cart seems to be with options, so actually not really putting 3 products in the cart, but merely one product with the options “10 packs of tiles” and “5 bottles of impregnant”.

With the product configurator it seems to me impossible to do simply because in admin cannot choose the amount of a certain product.

to explain what I mean, below a link to a productpage of one of our sites.

www. gardendeco. es/casas-de-madera/casetta-bologna-4x4.html

: There is one main product (obligated quantity 1 piece), and further some secondary products that are not obligated, but have a certain quantity (that can also be edited by client if wished).

Above is a magento site (bundle product), and would like to know till what extend this can be done in cs-cart.

Not going to happen. Sorry. Apparently folks that use the Product Configurator module have been begging for much needed updates since 2007 and it’s fallen on deaf ears. QTY for secondary products is one of the most barked about requests.

Don’t be surprised if they ask you to “vote” for the feature though. Not that it will change the course of action anytime soon.

The product configurator is a nice feature but it could be so much more. I’m sure the developers realize that amount of coding that would be involved to overhaul the module yet also realize the small user base for the PC module. Although there is probably good reason why the user base is so small. :wink:

Don’t get me wrong, CS-Cart is a GREAT product. Very feature rich and lot’s of options, but the product configurator is one module that definitely needs a makeover.

For what it’s worth, I’ve searched exhaustively for an “out of the box” solution with a configurator that has all the features I want and it doesn’t exist. This is the closest match without breaking the bank. Otherwise, you’re looking at custom coding a solution.

Good luck in your search. I wish you the best success!


in that case, it could be only done as custom options, where each product willl have their custom option simulating a certain quantity of products…

Just a bit more work, but also ok solution…as we only have about 30 different products where to do this job…

still I dont see what is so overly complicated about it…its no rocket science as to say.

well, together with lack of multistore functionality it might be so that our stores remain with magento, even that it drives me crazy. cs-cart much easier…

It is rocket science… Take a look at all the price handling code and how it’s done. Then try to implement the quantity (or options) feature. I tried for a week and couldn’t get it to work in 2.0.x. I was promised it would be added in 2.0.13 but it never made it and there’s been no change since.

What is really needed is a true “Bundling” capabiltiy in CS-Cart. For example, the ability to offer several individual products (all with unique individual sku numbers) as a bundled purchase option. Offering of bundles would typically be used to pre-configure complex assemblies making it easier/simpler for customers to purchase, or as a marketing tool in offering a reduced price when ordering multiple items in a bundle, as an upsell method.

So for example: (Following jajansen’s reference)

The bundle item might be named “Garden Shed 12 Ft x 12 Ft” Price $5,000.00

This bundle item would consist of multiple unique inventoried items:

Quant: 6/ea Sku# 4x8ply Description: 4ft x 8ft treated plywood

Quant: 4/ea Sku# 48RLTP Description 48" wide roll, tarpaper

Quant: 1/ea Sku# 50LBRN Description: Roofing nails, 50 Lb box

So, in otherwords, the Bundle Item is not really an item at all, it is only a grouping of several actual inventoried items.

Not sure what product bundling has to do with the product configurator. I think we were discussing the lack of functionality in the product configurator (quantity and options - which are already part of the standard cart).

A bundled product would be an additional property of a product (the bundle type/size) and would have its own pricing construct and options. I.e. you might be able to bundle 24 red tee shirts, but not a mix of colors (options). The rules for this can get extremely complex and difficult to manage.