Configurable products : Combination of options gives price ?


It is possible to create products which have the price depending on combination of options variants ?

The explanation with perfumes is a good example.

One “perfume”, as product, is its name. That means that it is a nonsense to create 3 products for the same fragrance.

Perfumes can have :

Several “type”

  • oil
  • eau de parfum
  • cologne

    Several “contenance” :
  • 10ml
  • 15ml
  • 140ml

  • What is defining one price is the combination of these 2 options.

    But all combination don't exist.

    The price will not depend on one basis price, but will be defined by the options combination.

    Example of existing combinations :
  • oil + 10ml = 150 euros
  • oil + 15ml = 190 euros
  • cologne + 200ml = 120 euros
  • eau de parfum + 130ml = 205 euros

    In this example, all other combination don't exist (oil + 200ml don't exist and it is not possible for the customer to select this combination).

    Also, the price is not “relative” to one basic price but is “fixed”, depending on the combinations of options.

    It is possible to create such kind of product combination rules with CS.Cart ?

    If not possible, do you know one addon which can do that ?

    Per advance thanks for your answers.



Product : Prefumes rose price base

Option 1 : Oil

eau de parfum


Option 2 : Contenance

10 ml

15 ml

And forbiden combinaison

CS-Cart Documentation — CS-Cart 4.15.x documentation


Hi Lulu,

Thanks for your answer, but it doens't answer to the question, or just partially.

The question is :

  • It is possible to have a fixed price attached to one combination ?
  • Without plus / minus on one base price, but one fixed price on the combination.

    Example :

    cologne + 200ml = 120 euros


I do not understand what you want to do



and 1 option

Fragance cologne 100 ml = 60

Fragance cologne 200 ml = 120

Fragance Oil 100 ml = 40

Fragance Oil 200 ml = 75


Let's explain differently…

CS.Cart has options and, for each option, “variants”.

Each product has a price.

Let say you have 2 options for one product, “type” and “contenance”.

Some combinations of “type” + “contenance” can't exist, so I remove them once they are built, that's OK and works well.

But… the product has one basis price and the “real” price, after the choice of one combination, adds one amount or one percent to the basis price.

So, the question is : It is possible to have a fixed price attached to one combination ?

For example :

“type A” + “contenance B” => 100 euros (fixed price for the combination, not basis price + something)

“type A” + “contenance C” => 220 euros

No it cannot be accomplished in the stock CS-Cart.

You can start with a base price for the fragrance and then use option modifiers to adjust the price from there.

It is even more limited when trying to apply quantity discounts to products with options. We had to write a custom modification to accomplish that task as well