Compilation of Bug Fixes in Forum


I would like to see a section in the forum of bug fixes between versions, sorted by version number and then by area impacted, ie PayPal, Product Options, Browser problems, etc.

There have been many bugs submitted after the release of 2.1.1 and are posted in the Bug Tracker, with “temporary” solutions. I submitted some myself. There are also bugs, not reported in the bug tracker, but through a cart owners help desk, also with solutions. I have one myself in this category. I have seen some PayPal fixes in the forum, but I don’t think they are all posted in the bug tracker.

I feel all the bugs and fixes should be in one place. The bugs should only be for bugs related to the core program and not ones that are specific to one store.

This way you would only have to go to one place to see what the bugs are and the fix. And it would be another place for cs-cart t check prior to the next release to make sure all the issues have been fixed and included in the next version.