Companies you can feel comfortable using for your add on requirements

Hi Everyone,

I was looking for a sliding banner for my website. Simple right? Well, sure but there's so many options out there that you never quite know who to buy from and who you can trust.

Recently I had a small problem with one of Alt-Teams products, and seeing that this was the first time I'd dealt with them, I didn't really know how the company would respond to my issues. Sometimes companies or people just FOB you off, or give you limited or worse yet, no support at all. I really have seen it all.

So, I would like to personally thank and recommend [color=#ff0000]Alt-team[/color] for the absolutely outstanding and professional service I received. Thanks Guys!

Another company I can wholly recommend with confidence is [color=#ff0000]EZ Merchant Solutions[/color] (brilliant support and how they treat their customers is an example of how all businesses should treat their customers!)

And for people needing modifications to their shopping carts, I can highly recommend [color=#222222]Not only are his prices reasonable, he gets work done on time, every time. Thanks Fotis![/color]

There's more than a few other companies I've dealt with with the opposite kind of services to the guys above, but I won't mention the names.

All the best and good luck out there!