Community Edition Template

Hello, i use for a demonstration CS-Cart Community Edition 2.2.4

i uploaded template files for other templates than the Besic one.

I tried Yellow-Blue skin. From the original files from cs cart.

Everything its working fine, except that when i choose to see the product photo larger, it opens in a new tab. And not coming in the same window bigger/detailed.

do you know whats wrong?

I'm not so sure you are supposed to bring over templates from CS Pro. If you want to use those then you should buy the pro version. The basic idea of the community is a stripped down copy. To bring templates over from Pro may actually void you being allowed to use it. I'm not for sure.

If you want to use a different skin then you should purchase one from some place. At the very least you should purchase the Pro version or just be happy with the free bells and whistles that CS gives you in the community version.