I have some order that the Start Communication button is not there and some that are, dose any one know why that button is not there? some of they are from the past weeklike i have two from yesterday and on one of them the custemr can click on the Start Communication button and the other the Start Communication button is not there!!

Can anyone help.

you've probably disabled the comments and reviews addon.

No it's enabled. If it was disabled it wouldn't work with some and not work with others… Its allways done this to me, even had the same problem on CS Cart v2

OK i fixed the problem. I Changed the code in /skins/basic/admin/addons/discussion/hooks/orders/

{if $addons.discussion.order_initiate == "Y" && !$discussion}


{if $addons.discussion.order_initiate == "Y" && $discussion.type != "C"}

and its working fine now.