Commonwealth Bank Gateway

Hi all

I have a client thinking about using the Commonwealth Bank (Australia) as a payment gateway (using 2.0.9). Does anyone have any experience with this?



I don’t Andrew however I do use Westpac “Web Advantage” and very happy with it - have you looked at a comparison between the Commonwealth solution and Web Advantage - CS Cart comes with Westpac connection included

I use the Commonwealth Bank’s Evolve to process credit cards. It is not a payment gateway so doesn’t incur any of the costs involved with a payment gateway - you process the cards manually on the computer and it works beautifully. I can’t remember if there were any charges to set it up initially but the rates are reasonable and it is very easy to use.

Just google Evolve to find out more about it.

I also offer Paypal as a method of payment for those people who aren’t happy about leaving their credit card details.

Hope this helps