Common Universal Product Page & Urls Needed


We are building marketplace website on CS Cart Multi-Vendor Plus 4.9.1 (Planning to Upgrade to Multi Vendor Ultimate). Our site main concept will be connect buyers to local / Nearby sellers / Service Provider / Manufacturers.

We are using sell existing product with little customized as seller sort by based on location.

Now we discuss what is the issue? what we needed?. For Example consider 3 vendor from 3 different locations sell the same product

Vendor 1 = location 1 :

Vendor 2 = location 2 :

Vendor 3 = location 3 :

We mainly Promote product / site via SEO and Google Ads ( mainly Search & shopping)

SEO Issue :

Like Vendor 1 first added product to our site google index that product page and url, then vendor 2 added same product google think that product is duplicate of first vendor product so dont index, even location 2 people search on google see and landed to vendor 1 product url (location 1 product), vendor 1 product url default has vendor 1 price if purchased that order goes to vendor 1.

What is the issue, location 2 to very near to vendor 2 (1 km seller to buyer distance), but that order goes to vendor 1 far from buyer (22 km seller to buyer distance), which make high shipping charges and time delay. If that order goes to vendor 2 shipping cost and time saved

Google ads issue:

We run shopping ads we need product url for shopping feed creation, we add only one vendor product urls if add multiple vendor url for same product google block the feed as duplicate product. For example I take vendor 1 product url (which contains vendor price, if purchased order goes to vendor one) we can't add vendor 2 or vendor 3 url again on that feed if do google block due to duplicate, if we run ads on location 2 or location 3 with vendor 1 product urls, again same issue all order goes to vendor 1 only which is very far from location 2 and location 3

What is the solution:

We need one common product page and url, we already have one but it not shows any seller price or seller there and not shows other seller section.

If there is a common universal product page and url which not attached with any vendor, automatically select vendor based on buyer location that will be helpful, even the common product page not have price and add to cart just show sellers (sort by location) that will be help full, it is possible? any idea how we can create this?, looking for suggestions and developers to do this.

Thank you

Do you know about feature called "Common Products for Vendors" ?

Yes we already using that, each vendor has there own product urls, there is no option as common url for all vendor and based price/location vendor selected for add to cart you check this 3 urls you may understand vs vs

i mean we need common landing pages which for all vendor

Thank you