Committed cs-cart developer needed

Thought I'd try here first since I probably have the best chance of finding cs-cart specific skills here.

I've gotten busier lately than I would like. I have one client who is expanding rapidly and need some help in supporting their expansion (new sites, A/B testing, multi-language, many back-end enhancements, etc.). Currently they are on a variety of 2.x versions (2.0.14 and 2.2.4) and want to migrate to V3/Ultimate and to cross-sell between all their sites.

I estimate it to be 1-2 weeks of effort a month for the next several months. It could be more or last longer, but I don't expect any consulting developer (like me) to want to dedicate more than 50% of their time to any single client.

I have pretty strict requirements on how the work is to be done and am looking for someone to work on a contract basis that has a professional software development background. I.e. you've designed, developed, deployed and maintained a complex commercial software product. A CS degree is a plus as well as a work history in a structured software development environment.

The downside is that the marketing person for the company thinks they are technically savvy but unfortunately they are not. However, they do seem to be driving where the business is headed so you may have to just bite the bullet and do things that you might consider stupid or incorrect. However, even stupid choices are billable hours.

If this sounds interesting to you please send a resume to '' (remove X's) along with references to specific cs-cart experience and/or other eCommerce development as well as compensation expectations. I expect rates to reflect the ongoing nature of the work.