Commissions Not Counted

Hi, some third party vendor sales are not counted for the marketplace owner, where can I check for the error?
In seller plans I configured 10% + 0.35 commissions but they are not processed.
Thank you

Have you looked in the backend in Phpmyadmin? It'll be in vendor_payouts.

Have you looked in the backend in Phpmyadmin? It'll be in vendor_payouts.

Can you explain better please, thanks for the help.

What to check in backend in Phpmyadmin?

Hey, sorry for the delay.

You should be able to access your backend in PHPMyAdmin (perhaps ask your network administrator). In there, in vendor_payouts table, you'll be able to see different rows for each transaction. You can edit these rows to reflect the changes in commissions that you are seeing in your Accounting section in the admin panel.

When you say that third party sales aren't counted, do you mean that they aren't showing at all in the Accounting section, or that it's showing the wrong number?

A customer bought a product from a third party seller (company_id9) and paid for his order by bank transfer and the 10% + 0.35 commission was not counted at the marketplace.
At the same seller (company_id9) other purchases have been made and paid with paypal and the commission to the marketplace has been made, can it mean something?
I can access my phpmyadmin what can I check inside the vendor_payouts line?

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How can I share an image here?

this is the link to the row image vendor_payouts:

If you want it to be showing on the frontend you can make the edit on the row in PHPMyAdmin. You can edit commission_amount and marketplace_profit on the order being placed.

Be a little careful, because there are usually two or three rows for the same order (when it's been placed, when it's been paid) - I would look at previous rows to see at which stage the commission is generated and then use that logic for the order in question.

Thanks for your help,
I need to know where I can check to understand in which order the commissions for the owner of the marketplace are calculated, in my opinion there is something wrong.
Do you know which file works on this?

I do not know where they are calculated in the backend. Sorry.