Commission Payments

I’m just curious what is a general commission that everyone is taking when they get sales on behalf of the vendors.

I was thinking of taking 18% (3% Of that is to cover transaction percent and fee) So technically we are taking 15% similar to what Amazon takes.

Is that too low/high?

I’m just trying to get a good idea.


Think of it this way, are you providing all the support and advertising and huge services that Amazon has? Nope. I found 10% to be a sweet spot. Concentrate on selling volume.


Ok, that is a good point. Thanks Troy.

I think I am going to stick with a 15% commission structure though. I'm going to offer every vendor the option to upload 'Wholesale' products and prices that will only be visible to a designated User base that I assign which will be retail store owners. It will be like a B2B network and I will need the extra 5% to help pay sales reps that will be pushing vendors products into stores.

That's the idea anyways.