Commission On Orders/items Cancelled By The Vendor - Paypal Commerce

Hi dear community,
we were wondering whether anyone knows of an automated process for the following case:In case a vendor can not fulfil an order / deliver goods ordered by customers (e.g. product isn’t available), then the vendor has the option to cancel this item. However, in this specific case, the vendor should still have to pay the marketplace commission, as no out of stock products are displayed in our catalog.The reasoning behind this is, to animate vendors to keep an eye on their inventory management and not list products that technically cannot be shipped within the specified time frame.This penalty fee is only to be charged if the vendor is at fault for not being able to deliver a certain product that a customer has bought.
It doesn’t apply for cancelled orders by the customer or when a customer returns an item.It would be interesting to hear how and if you are handling such cases.
And whether you have an automated solution for this or if you do it by invoicing the vendors manually.

Thank you in advance!

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PayPal Commerce Marketplace Plugin is one such extension that allows the payment instantly as the customer makes payment and places the order. The admin receives the commission based on the sellers. To enable PayPal services, the seller must authenticate with PayPal. ITEMS-TO-REFUND.