Comments & Reviews Not Working. Anybody Else?

We are having a very confusing issue with Comments and Reviews. The stars that are appearing on stores isn't making sense. We haven't officially rolled out reviews yet since we want it working right.

One of the strangest problems is the amount of stars appearing on stores. Below is a list of stores in our marketplace as examples. None of them have reviews yet and some haven't even listed products. Yet the stars shown on their store are anywhere from 1 star up to 9 stars.

It's really strange that the highest rating is 5 stars yet 8 and 9 stars are being shown for some vendors. I'm also getting complaints from Vendors that have 1 or 2 stars on their store even though no reviews for them have been posted by buyers.

Is anyone else having this problem? (eight stars) (eight stars) (nine stars) (three stars - no products listed) (three stars - no products listed) (three stars - no products listed) (six stars) (2 stars - no products listed) (one star)


It seems that you use a third-party add-on and you have a custom theme.

First, try to get in touch the theme developer.

Best regards,


Thanks. We are using a custom theme which I will contact them. As for the Add-on we are using the standard Comments & Reviews addon that comes with CS-Cart.

Thanks again