Comments And Comments Vs Testimonials/recomandations

Hi, We have energos theme and yes we asked them but they says that comments and review are a core addon in cs cart and not related too the theme

I tried to enable det Comments and reviews block in the theme vivashop only to find that it looks like the getting information from recomandations instead of the comments that are made for many of our products by customers.
In the block on the homepage it says: testimonials. The customers are making a comments and ranks the product. Somewere it gets the wrong information. Now its says test because i made a testimonial instead of a comment

Ex: Product: Røkt Sk*nka i skiver has a comment. This is not showing up in the block at the homepage.

So my question is; how do I enable the testimonial/recomandations instad of the comments/rewiew that are now?

Only reviews added on the Testimonials page can be displayed in the testimonials block. If you want to display product reviews in the block, please check marketplace for 3rd party modules which extend the default Comments and reviews module

ok were is this testmonialpage for the customers. can`t find it anywere so how can customers make a testmonial?

is there a spesific general link somewere :P

Please check the following post: