Combining products?

I'm not sure if this is functionally possible or if CS-Cart has a way to doing this. Say I'm a flower shop website. I sell roses and I sell vases. In the system I have:

Product code; name; price; quantity;category

12-red-roses; Dozen Red Roses; 29.99;4; Flowers

jade-vase; Jade Vase; 30.00;2; Vases

A customer can visit my website and see that I have 4 quantity of a Dozen Red Roses and 2 Jade Vase. They wish to purchase both of these items so they go to the individual product (found on two different categories), select the item they're looking for, and then add to the cart. They do this twice for both products.

Is there a way to create a product that is a combination of two products and their availability? Take this example, it would create a product called Dozen Red Roses w/ Jade Vase that is 59.99. According to inventory, I have 4 of the Dozen Red Roses and 2 of the Jade Vase, so this product would have a quantity of 2. When the customer select this product, it would remove from inventory x of each product that comprised the products. It would be displayed like the following to the customer:

[1] Dozen Red Roses w/ Jade Vase

------ [1] Dozen Red Roses: 29.99

------ [1] Jade Vase: 30

When they place the order, both items are removed from inventory appropriately.

Can CS-Cart do this? If not, is there a plug-in that can do this?


Sorry for the bump but I'm really interested if this can be done easily or even at all. Thanks for the replies.

You can try [url=“CS-Cart Documentation — CS-Cart 4.15.x documentation”]CS-Cart Documentation — CS-Cart 4.15.x documentation