Combining multiple import files from Excel to CSV + Mapping to CSCart's fields

Hi everyone,

Does anyone know how do the above?

We have several suppliers’ price list in Excel format and would like to map the fields to CS-Cart’s fields, and if possible combine everything to upload (though we anticipate it might be very slow – there’s thousands of products!)

Please help…

Thank you.



This is what I do:

  1. Create 1 product by hand (,completely fill out all the fields and options and features)
  2. Export the product.
  3. Open the exported CSV in Excel.
  4. Copy and paste the appropriate columns from the Excel into the spreadsheet.
  5. Alter the data formats so it follows the CS-Cart format (If you don’t know Regular Expression, that would be a good time to learn).
  6. Copy the columns I know will import (are correctly formatted like the export) into a new spreadsheet, save it as a CSV and import it into CS-Cart.
  7. Take my time to get the remaining columns in the correct format.
  8. Upload the remaining columns as a CSV later.