Combine a product(page) with orders in one link

Hello CS-Cart Members,

I’m working daily in CS-Cart with some big stores. We update our new stock manually by the product page or product lists in the backend.

If negative inventory we must search the order section each time if negative stock for one product, to update the order and sent the product out to a customer. This action is time spending.

My idea is to set a link at the product page and maybe later in the product lists. By clicking this link you get all the orders which are related to this product. I think it save time and make the store slimmer.

See also the printscreen.

Is this a good idea to improve CS-Cart? If yes, drag it to the roadmap?

As link can you use:

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The underlined part is the product_id. The product_id can be replaced by the product_id variable from the current product page.

So it’s a simple solution which make you can work sooner.

Best regards,