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Hello. I dont know if anyone has evre sugested this so i will try. Why dont you make CMS only based on cs cart? Do you know what i mean? Everithing cs-cart has but without shoping cart. Interspire( [url=“”][/url])has this but its way to complicated and no multilingual solution(only 1 language in todajs world???).

I dont think that is to much work to do that since you already have all you need(maybe im wrong)

Sorry for bad english(not my first language). Thnx in advance

If I understand you correctly, you will want to use the “Catalog mode” in this case.

No, i would like to remove cart option all together. All that is now featur stays but removed all related to shoping cart.

Typical Interspire. All their sales blurb is still there, they are still more than happy to sell the product to you, but I can assure you the product was shelved over a year ago…

Why wouldn't you use Wordpress or another tool that is specifically geared toward cms? They handle multiple languages and have much better formatting ability than cs-cart for cms purposes.

Yes interspire just make stuf people cant use, or you have to have masters degree to use it. I dont like wordpress, and i think that cs cart (without shoping cart) would be great cms. It has all you need + its simple to translate and use. Anyway its just a suggestion. Maybe you will do it maybe you wont but i think its worth of try. Just my opinoin. I mean if interspire can do it(and they sell it for 395 USD Loool) im sure you people can do it better.

I don't know about strictly a cms, and we do use the cart functions of CS, but 95% of our site is basic CS pages and blocks. After getting used to it, I like it. You need to know more code than if you were to use a publisher (Expression/Dreamweaver) to do your site, and it has its quirks, but I've gotten used to it in a month or two, and it's working well for us. Our site is NOTHING fancy, but if you want a link, let me know.

To each his own…

Sure I wont link.

Hi, I am under developing website based on cs-cart 3.0.6. It's going to be cms portal. Cs-cart is the back bone, catalog, opinions, rating system etc. Alt Team made us some add ons. The website is We opening in the middle of the next week