Cluster hosting, no downtime?

Hi all,

I am looking for a hosting provider for my websites, about 5 in total. 2 very small basic sites, 1 very small CS-cart shop (currently running on a trial), and 2 cs-cart shops that will open in 2011. Our client base is in Germany and the Netherlands.

Each site should have it’s own domain. We have .de, .nl and .com domains.

It would be great if I can control all the sites from one account.

So… I was ready to go with Martfox but after their downtime yesterday I kinda lost faith, even though I know most of you are very happy with them.

My sister hosts her site at Byte, a Dutch provider, so I had a look there, and they use something they call cluster hosting: if a server or database fails, another server or database will simply take over. Also, when your site needs a lot of horsepower all of a sudden because of an advertisement or whatever, other servers just jump in to deliver this.

Seems a bit like what VPS does with their cloud hosting, or?

Anyway, advice is welcome, as I want to make the choice this week and I’m going crazy comparing everything, reading reviews, etc.


try here and test it before paying them


[quote name=‘Noman’]try here and test it before paying them


Hmm, well… whatever country i choose I get the same top 10. Most are US based and don’t offer servers in Europe.

Send them an email and ask. Some of them have servers in Munich and Berlin.

I used to be with about 6y ago, I think. They guy was very helpful but didn’t offer a phone number.

Here’s another list:


Good ones




Thanks Noman,looking into them now.

Anyone an opinion on cluster hosting?

I love the fact more machines can handle the same things so that when one server failes the others automatically take over (claimed by our Dutch provider).

Hi again,

Just thought I’d let you know…

I mailed 6 hosting providers with the same question, explaining my situation and what they’d advice.

Some took more then 2 days to respond. Some answered in only 1 or 2 sentences.

Solidhost responded within 2 hours with a very extensive and very helpful mail. They have good prices too and are located in the Netherlands which is part of my target group so I went with them.

They even move my shop from the testserver to their server this Tuesday.

Will keep you posted on how it goes from then on!

Are you still with Solidhost? Tell us some more. I am looking for a hosting partner myself. Location is Netherlands.

Any experience with SiteGround (Web Hosting Crafted For Top Website Performance & Speed - SiteGround)? They have servers in Amsterdam now.

[quote name=‘hans’ timestamp=‘1349953225’ post=‘146852’]

Are you still with Solidhost? Tell us some more. I am looking for a hosting partner myself. Location is Netherlands.

Any experience with SiteGround (Webhosting für höchste Website-Leistung und Tempo - SiteGround)? They have servers in Amsterdam now.


You’ve got a PM in Dutch :)

cluster hosting is more expensive than a dedi?

I spoke to our webhost today, and they raised a few good points (I was enquiring about the possibility of moving to a cloud hosting environment)

  1. If the failure is software related, e.g; a memory leak, this will happen on all your websites. This is in a setup where you have one primary environment, and should that fail, another one is rolled out. So if you do have a software failure, your site will be down across the board. Cloud hostings advantage is in regard to a hardware failure.
  2. Cloud hosting (in most cases) is a shared environment where you have a virtual slice of the servers physical resources, just like a VPS, so a good Dedicated server is usually quicker and more responsive
  3. If your server is hosted on a cloud and the database is accessed through a SAN, thats a further delay in processing. A dedicated server with its own disk transfer will obviously be faster.

    The only reason i think a cloud setup is better is for hardware redundancy, and is of most benefit to mission critical environments.