Cloud Based Data Feed Integration (Supplier's Xml,csv,xls Import)

Hi Everyone,
Let me introduce You to our new service, called Syncee.
Syncee is a cloud based data exchange service.
With our brand new system, you can easily integrate your supplier datafeed into your ecommerce store. automatically updates and synchronizes your suppliers product lists with your online store.
No high setup cost. No programming skills required.
Your opinion matters for us!
A few moments of your time helps us a lot.
Please tell your opinion for our brand new system:

This sounds like a great service. When will you be live?

We are working hard these days, hopefully we will be ready in few weeks.

Please sign up on our website at to get notified about our launch date!

Until that, if you have any question let me know.


Dear Cs-Cart Users,

We almost finished the development of Syncee.

Please check these video demos:

1. How to create an online store in Syncee:

2. Online store options:

3. Category mapping:

4. Category pricing:

5. Product upload:

However in these video demos there are not Cs-cart shops, but you can see how Syncee works. Of course Cs-Cart also supported!

If you would like to test Syncee before launch, pls drop me an email at .