Closing tag showing up where it shouldn't

I am working on this site [url][/url] and all the pages are rendering fine, except all of the product pages. For some reason an extra " /> is showing up at the top of the page, but just on the product pages. Example page: [url][/url]

When I look at the code for the page I see this:


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">" />

You can see there is an extra " /> but I am not sure how it got there. I thought it was an add-on, so I went though and disabled each one that was on and refreshed but it never went away. I looked at styles.tpl (as I made a change to that file), scripts.tpl, main.tpl, index.tpl and top.tpl and I can't seem to find where this code is being injected from.

Any ides?

Get rid of the html from your meta data values on your product pages and it will go away. Do a view page source and you will easily see that you have bad quotes in your meta tags:

Jeeze, I should have checked that, I just assumed it was bad coding and not my client not knowing what they are doing :wink:



Gotta watch those clients…