Closed Storefront. Only Registered And Approved Users Will Access The Product Listings


I want to build a b2b multi-vendor marketplace using cs-cart and one of the important requirements is to keep the storefront not open to the world i.e. only interested parties should register as a buyer and see the product listings. So some of my requirements are:

1. No user will be able to see the products listed by vendors before the buyer is registered and approved. General users can be shown some custom page and not the usual homepage.

2. All buyers need to be registered and approved by admin(like sellers) before they can login, navigate and purchase any products.

3. Require a buyer(a business entity) custom registration page just like vendor registration page.

Have been using the cs-cart demo for a couple of days and did not find any configurable items for the above. Am I missing something or it must be customized?

Please suggest. Thanks

- Enable the Settings -> General -> Administrator must activate new user accounts setting

- Install our free module

We do something similar. You can do this using groups. Ie each product or category is only visible to certain groups. Make sure the All and guest groups are not selected on the product and group admin. When a new user signs up you then manually add to that particular group.