Closed store access using community edition

Hi all,

Silly question maybe but is it possible to access a store when its closed if I am using the community edition of CS Cart?

I am new to CS Cart and so far do not have a stable development platform to work on projects with. I have installed CS on the domain hosting account and all runs lov ely but I just dont want customers to see the store whilst in development.

We have very limited budget at the moment so we are a startup company so community edition is perfect for us. Once we get some orders in we will be purchasing Pro Edition with out any question. :)

Any help much appreciated.




access key to temporary closed store. set up your password and then follow that url and you can get in


Hi there,

Thanks for the help. I found it after a little searching. For some reason I had to clear the stores cache to make the field show up in my admin panel under settings / general.

All sorted now though and access whilst store is closed is a big help.