My products have several options and it is just soooooooooooo much easier to clone a similar item and make any changes…or so I thought. But I am running into a very frustrating situation where every couple of clones, the cart breaks. You can’t go to any front end category…it just sits and spins until I disable that product. Once I disable the last cloned product the cart works fine.

The first time it did this, I was so stumped…and my host emailed me and asked if I was having trouble with the cart (he knew I was getting it prepared for going live shortly)…and I said YES!! Both categories I have this new product listed in won’t work at all! But an hour or so later I thought I had it figured out. I had deleted a category and added another without saving inbetween. Never had to do that in the older version I have now. Once I went back and saved after ever deletion and addition, it worked fine. Until the other day that is. Ran into the very same problem only this time it was the global options that killed the cart. Again I thought it was a add/delete and immediate save situation.

Until just NOW…nothing added or deleted…but it is broken again. This is getting VERY frustrating and I have to go back and add from scratch when this happens. If this is the way it is meant to run then I won’t go live until next summer!!

Anyone else running into this???