Clone Product link returns error

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Whenever I try to clone a product i receive the following error.

The error occurs, two clones are created but neither have the options or option combinations of the original.

Looks to me like the options used would get cloned and instead of cs-cart giving them a unique option code we get a duplicate error. Is there a way to clone a product that has options?

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Sounds like a bug. The cloned item should have “Clone” at the end of the name and have a new key asigned to it.

I am using 2.06 and having been using the clone a lot to build my product database of over 1,000 products. All is working well for me. I have used it with products that have no options, tons of options and many images, and all gets cloned perfectly.

I am able to clone a product with options successfully on both my test installation and on the demo site. Maybe it depends on the number of options.

Did you have previous database errors before cloning products?


thanks for your quick replies.

Tool Outfitters - 2 clones are created, neither have any options or option combinations of the original.

Triplets - Thank you for confirming the functionality. I knew there wasn’t anything wrong with what I was doing.

jobosales - You could be on to something. We have only 2 options which result in about 115 option combinations.


I’d definitely report this in the Bug Tracker. Make sure you mention the number of options combinations. In fact, I would do a test to see if you can clone products with fewer options. The more information you give them, the faster they can get to the real issue.


I have cloned products with up to 8 options with no problems so far.