Clickatell sms addon for old developer´s api

Hi,unfortunately Clickatell new platform is not useable anymore,we can use now only old Developer´s platform with other api,because users need to register sender id to mobile operators to be able to send sms.Otherwise sms are blocked by operator.I was told by Clickatell,that this is available only with old platform.Cs-cart should probably change sms addon and enable to use also old api.Or is there some finished solution ?


Could you please clarify if the current integration has stopped working for you? As far as I can see, the HTTP API integration currently used in CS-Cart is still present in Clickatell’s documentation without any remarks:

Hi,integration works,this is not a problem,but problem is,to be able to send sms to many countries,you need to register Sender id to providers,otherwise sms are blocked.And new Clickatell api system does not support this.We would have to buy pretty expensive number and pay monthly fees,this comes very expensive at end.So I believe not only us,but many other users need to use back old Developer´s api.Maybe offer both options would be good with sms addon.

How ever we actualy switched to Twilio,need only $1.5 per months for registered number and sms credits are similar as Clickatell,so we may not probably need Clickatell anymore.

Thanks for clarification!

I have created a new feature request regarding integration of Twilio for the developers.

Hello,I think it will be probably better,Clickatell turned to be expensive option.