Click in white are on new shipment screen enters shipment

I’m having an issue on the NEW SHIPMENT screen. When I click on NEW SHIPMENT, a pop-up screen comes up where I can add shipment info. I click/pulldown the shipper, track number — but if I miss any field and click on the background of the pop-up box it automatically enters the shipment not allowing me to finish the shipment info. Appears the hyperlink for the SAVE button was expanded for the background of the pop-up box.

I noticed this during testing phase in 2.0.10 and now on 2.0.14.

What browser are you using? I don’t have this issue in either Firefox or Safari on a Mac - it may be specific to the browser.


Yep - appears to be browser specific. It happens with Explorer v8 but not with Firefox v3.6.3.

Thanks Microsoft! :roll: