Click "agree" to view page?

Don't know how difficult this would be? Basically, I want an “I agree” or “I don't agree” button to appear in front of a page. A visitor would have to click it to view the page.

This is the situation. I want people to order over the phone but I need them to agree to our terms. I want to have a page that is basically a four digit code that I can change at will, that's really just it. BUT what they see when first viewing the page is sort of like a message saying, “To order by phone, you must agree to our terms and polices. If you do, click “I agree” below”. Under that it would have two buttons, “I agree… I don't”. That's it. If they click “I do”, it shows the 4-digit code. If they don't, it can do anything, even redirect them to the homepage.

I have seen similar Wordpress addons for this, but don't know how complex it would be with CS-Cart.

Terms of Use WordPress Plugin – Strategy11

It doesn't do a button, just has you initial to view the page. Still, same idea and would work.