Clearance Category?

Is there a way that you could create a category called Clearance, apply a percentage off that category and put items in that category as a secondary category?

We plan to put this mod together which will do the following

  1. You would select (checkbox) which product you want to be as clearance.
  2. “Clearance item” will show on home page, product details, products list, products adavanced

    Is there anything we should add… would be helpful if we can get some feedback.

You can set a category discount in the “Discount and coupons” section of the admin. Not certain if it works with a secondary category but worth a try.


Yes I could do category discounts but what I’m wanting to do is individually put items into say a “Clearance” category (It would be a secondary category for the product) which I would have a category discount associated with it and it would give whatever products that show up in that category the stated discount.

Try the following:

Create a Clearance category and assign it as a secondary category to the appropriate items.

Under Discounts and Coupons, create a category discount assigned to the Clearance category with the discount percentage you want.

I’ve not tried this but it seems like it should work.


Wow that worked perfectly! Thank you man.