Clear Template Cache in 2.0?

How does one Clear the Template Cache in 2.0? I can not find a link anywhere like there was in 1.35

I was told you just append &cc at the end of the url, so for example it would be:


yep. That worked. Thanks.

Weird there is no link for it :frowning:

sorry for the noob question. What does clearing the template cache do? and why would I need to do this?

This is usefull for programmers. If implemented any modifications to appear on the site

You may also empty


That makes sense.

Oddly, however, doing both of those things is not working.

Surely an admin switch would be good for this?


Go into your “Quick Menu” and “Edit”, you can manually add any Link to your list that you want…

Add “Clear Cache”, and the url of “

Save it.

Now you have a Clear Cache link in your admin Quick menu.

I just added this to the Demo and it works fine.

Thanks ET that trick was good

[quote name=‘ETInteractive’]Go into your “Quick Menu” and “Edit”, you can manually add any Link to your list that you want…[/QUOTE]

thanks for the useful shortcut tip!

I’ve been using this to clear - admin.php?&cc - same thing I suppose :slight_smile:


Say I want to clear entire Cache and Compiled folders. Many TPL files need customization during development and I have found that sometimes the Compiled folder needs to be emptied also.

Is there a URL to completely empty both folders?


Try to use: [url]

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