Cleaning up Ugly URL's

OK, I don't mean to come off as totally anal here, but what's the deal with the ugly URL's that CS cart seems to produce?

Check out the 2 URL's for the same pic below. The top one is from one of my suppliers. The bottom one is what CS cart produces when I uploaded the pic.

I get how “watermarked/detailed” is necessary, but what's up with the rest of it? Also, if you look at the end of the first one, “100-BS” was the original file name (and model number) for the pic. Keeping it makes it easy to identify later if need be but also, wouldn't that be a potential plus when it comes to SEO?

Inquiring minds etc…



This isn't the default behaviour…I don't see this happening on my V3.0.4 store which uses both SEO and Watermarks addon.

Are you using Text or Graphical watermark? Are all the folder permissions in /images/ and its subdirectories set to 777, same with /var/ ?