Clean Up the Template Cache fails and breaks site

Desperately needing help. I have installed and re-installed CS Cart 6 times now. The install goes fine. But when I attempt following the instructions in [url]CS-Cart Documentation — CS-Cart 4.15.x documentation I end up with an admin panel that will not open at all no matter what I do.

So while I upload the files yet again to my server, could someone please help me with clearer and more detailed instructions for clearing the cache? I have no trouble renaming the admin.php file or editing the config.local.php. I simply cannot accomplish step three in this article.

I was truly impressed with all the positive things I found about CS-Cart when I was researching. But my failure to make this one thing work has truly turned me off. If I don’t get this going today, I will be looking around for another cart.


And thanks.

All you should have to do is change the file name and then change your config.local.php to reflect that change.

Onc done, go into folders var/compiled/customer and var/compiled/admin and delete the contents. That is the same thing as clearing your cache, just manually.

Hope that helps,


I am very grateful for the quick response, Brandon. I installed v. 2.1.0 again; no problem there. I renamed the admin file and edited the config.local file to reflect that change.

No customer folder in var/compiled. Deleted contents of var/compiled/admin.

Then I typed my_new_admin_page.php in my browser and I got these messages (removing host info for privacy):

Warning: session_start() [function.session-start]: Cannot send session cookie - headers already sent by (output started at C:.…\shop\config.local.php:1) in C:.…\shop\core\class.session.php on line 248

Warning: session_start() [function.session-start]: Cannot send session cache limiter - headers already sent (output started at C:.…shop\config.local.php:1) in C:.…\shop\core\class.session.php on line 248

Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at C:.…shop\config.local.php:1) in C:.…\shop\core\fn.init.php on line 401

Next on the page is the admin panel login box. An attempt to log in simply redirects back to this page.

(Customer front end gives the same messages above the proper content. I"m sure that makes sense to those of you who know what you are doing.)

What am I missing? Do I log in to the admin panel before deleting the contents of var/compiled/admin? Do I not log in? Does that matter at all?

Yes, I am totally new at shopping carts and I am very grateful for any help anyone can give.


This is a local installation? Check your permissions. Give your root 755.

Not local. On my webhost.

I fought with them for a week to give me execute permission on the windows server. Finally during the night last night, they say they did.

Is this a permission issue?

I have the option of moving to Unix server. Is that the easiest fix?

I gave up. I am moving to Unix. I’ll be back if I can’t make it work there.


If Windows is broken: restart. If Windows Server is broken: Linux.

Hallo Everyone,

I am new to CS Cart. I have read a lot about different carts and decided to test CS Cart. I have downloaded the latest version. Must say I like what I see but I am extremely frustrated with the bugs that I experience with the install. I run a Windows server and I cannot move to Unix.

I get everything installed but the moment I install the addons I get the same messages as you describe here. I had to add the sqlmode=“” to my MySQL install folder in the Program Files on my VPS and then only the install was successful.

I now get this error when installing the addons.

Error: Can't write template cache in the directory: C:/…/wwwroot/var/compiled/admin.

Please check if it exists, and has writable permissions.

I have now recreated the admin and customer folders countless of times. The only thing that works to get back into my already renamed admin.php login is to recycle the IIS dedicated pool for the site.

After the recycle all of the addons are disabled again.

My concern is simple? Is there an answer to solve this and what other unexpected bugs will appear? I am testing several carts including X-Cart. I know lots of people on the forum is against X-Cart but I can tell you one thing and that is that the install is a breeze and it works immediately afterwards. OpenCart also works well.

I like CS Cart the most but my intention is to run a stable and fast online business selling products and digital products. I need the use of a product configurator. The only carts that have the feature as far as I can see is X-Cart and CS Cart for a reasonable price.

CS Cart is my first choice but this problem is one that cause me to rethink a purchase of this cart. Do anyone have a permanent solution for this problem?

Thank you.

Since you are a new customer and this is a new site, why don't you simply make a request to the helpdesk so they can help you? You get 30days support for free starting from your first request. That will get you over the hurdles. I think you'll find that not many here use Windoz servers, most are Linux based. So details might be harder to come by here.