Clean install instead of upgrading and using the same old database?


I have installed 2.0.4 and then upgraded to 2.0.5 to 2.0.6 but I have few errors and couple of features are not working properly.

So, I want to do it freshly again. Can I install a full 2.0.8 and can I just use the same old database (2.0.6)? Coz, I had so much of data and online orders in it.

Any advice???

The DB schema changed in most releases. Hence using code that is trying to access a column in the DB that does not exist (or of differnt type or primary key) will result in a fatal error or duplicated data.

Alternatively, you could load the new source and then re-apply the var/upgrade//uc.sql file which should correct the problems. But this is exactly what the upgrade process does so not sure why you would want to do it manually. You will have to apply each upgrade (in sequence) to get the DB in correct shape.