Clean install instead of upgrade?restaure 2.06 data in 2.08?


I’ve two shop with 2.06

I tried to upgrade one, and admin panel said : " upgrade succefully"

but in “upgrade center”, it’s still : Upgrade 2.06 to 2.07…:confused:

and with store open, it’s “WHITE PAGE”!!!

I tried to “revert”, it’s same problem!!! website is white…

So I don’t want to loose my time more, so I asked me, if it was no easier to install a clean 2.08, and restaure 2.06 database in 2.08?? And moove all pictures…

What do you think about it?

I red database was modified, so is it possible or no?

Thanks, and good lucks for everbody, with this very nice 2.0xxxxxxxxxxxxx…:???:


I tried to restaure 2.06 on 2.08… it’s impossible… Because DB is different.

Dont you know how can I upgrade manually the DB?


Just to inform you,

I installed a new 2.08, and I deleted DB with phmyadmin… After I imported DB2.06 in phpmyadmin instead of DB2.08

And every thing is almost OK…

Now, I’ve no no blocks and I’ve to do some modification…

Do you thinks my method is dangerous? Thanks for your advice…

You will be missing any database changes made in 2.0.7 and 2.0.8.

If you have previously tried upgrading using the Upgrade Center, you should be able to locate the uc.sql file for each upgrade at /var/upgrade/UPGRADE_PACKAGE/uc.sql.tmp. You can then copy and paste these commands into your DB tool to update the database. You will need to do this for both upgrades and in order.



Thanks for your advices.

I didn’t undersand very well…

First, in 2.06 shop I’ve just : /var/upgrade/upgrade_2.0.6-2.0.7.tgz

I think it miss /var/upgrade/upgrade_2.0.7-2.0.8.tgz… no?

So in /var/upgrade/upgrade_2.0.6-2.0.7.tgz i found :


I tried to import this file with “restore” , but it doesn’t appears in backup list… It is well in var/database/backup with ftp… So I can’t “Restore” this file… If i used uc.sql file, i can restore it, but :

```php Creating table: cscart_product_popularity . . . . . . . .

Database error: Duplicate key name ‘p_category_id’ (1061)

Invalid query: ALTER TABLE cscart_categories CHANGE membership_id membership_id mediumint(8) unsigned DEFAULT ‘0’ NOT NULL, ADD KEY p_category_id (category_id,membership_id,status) ```

So i tried same operation directly in phpmyadmin in “sql” tab,

```php Erreur

requête SQL: Documentation

ALTER TABLE cscart_categories ADD selected_layouts text,

ADD default_layout varchar( 50 ) DEFAULT ‘’ NOT NULL ,

ADD product_columns tinyint( 3 ) DEFAULT ‘0’ NOT NULL ;

MySQL a répondu:Documentation

#1060 - Duplicate column name ‘selected_layouts’ ```

So i don’t know what I can do more… Any idea?

Thanks a lot!

Yes I found!!

In fact, when I tried to upgrade 2.06 to 2.07, I arrived to upgrade Database!! Thats why, now there is a problem of duplicate table…

But I don’t have upgrade to 2.08 package… So can you give me uc.sql for 2.08 pacakge please?

Thanks for your help.