Classfied Section On Cs-Cart

So we are just in the process of setting up our new MV CS-Cart store.

Our site will incorporate both professional vendors (shops) and private sellers.

If a customer finds a product they like and the product is coming from a shop then they can add that item to cart and checkout like normal.

However if they see a product from a private seller the 'buy now' button will be disabled and they will email/call the private seller to arrange their own payment and delivery/collection.

Can anyone on here help with this development?

What would be the best way of having both these type of sellers in one place but being able to differentiate the two between professional shop and private.

We have attached an image from another site as an example.


Image is not attached. Please check

Hopefully you can see this one?

Also to confirm my original account (which I am using now) was approved by CS so replied will be from this account name as the other is now inactive.


I am afraid, additional code modifications are required to do it