CKEditor Style Sheet

I am trying to use the CKEditor and while it works fine function-wise I can't seem to connect to the customer styles in use on our site. All the editor shows is a light gray font for every style. If we select styles in the editor, they do show up fine on the customer side of the site but the editor shows the same basic gray font. I tried the TinyMCE editor and it works the same. Has anyone else encounter this and is this normal or should I be seeing the full styles in the editor.

I have looked into this and would also like CKEditor to pull in custom style sheets. I have looked at CKEditor document and so far not been able to get this working with external style sheets. Does any one have a solution?

:idea: Found out how to include another style sheet in CKEditor, do the following:

open/edit this file in directory js/editors/ckeditor.editor.js

Find this line CKEDITOR.replace(elm.attr('id'), {

then find just below contentsCss: [

before the closing ] add another css file e.g , current_path + '/skins/' + skin_name_customer + '/customer/addons/my_changes/'

so the entire line now looks like this:

contentsCss: [current_path + '/skins/' + skin_name_customer + '/customer/styles.css', current_path + '/skins/' + skin_name_customer + '/customer/addons/my_changes/', current_path + '/skins/' + skin_name + '/admin/wysiwyg_reset.css'],
<br />
<br />
Also if you want a fully featured toolbar then change toolbar: 'Custom'	to toolbar: 'Full'<br />
<br />
or if you just want some additional toolbar features then add them to the toolbar_Custom: array<br />
<br />
Save your chages to this file, you made to refresh the browser when you first goto to use CKEditor (due to browser cache).<br />
<br />
<br />
Checkout this link for toolbar options:<br />
[url=""][/url]<br />
<br />
Hope this is useful