City, State, Zip Code Check

can we have these item check to see if there is a mix match when buyer enter their information during checkout, make a profile. Also when creating order.

not sure quite what you mean. you can set it so the customer must be logged in to shop.

some site have real time address checking when customer check out. But I think it cost money. So instead of have real time check for the address, CS-cart will check for mix match infomation and let the customer know.

For example

if the buyer enter the City as: Los Angeles, but have the state as Floria, or the New York zip code, then CS-cart will stop and prompt the buyer to check it again.

i see what you mean now. i dont think so. the last time someone entered the wront state for the zip code it was a stolen cc. i dont think cscart has that. you could contact them to see if they can do it for you .

I would hope that they going to include it with the standard package