Chrome display issue

Yesterday my site began looking all wonkie in Chrome. Looks correct in ie and ff.

Anyone with any similar experience or suggestions.

I’ve cleared cache, etc. and looked at it from a different network and computer.



It's not just Chrome. Your site looks the same in Chrome as it does in IE9. As you called it, wonkie. Looks like you have some CSS issues to work out in your design.


First i see your /skins/basic/customer/dropdown.css not loading. if you moved it to the right place so the menu works. and all other too

Triplets and Posto,

Thanks I'll continue to investigate. have not made changes to the design for years so was taken aback yesterday when it appeared.


Dough!!! Just remembered I was creating css sprites and “made a copy” of the dropdown.css and then moved it. Well, instead I just moved the file therefore living skins/basic/customer without.

It is back in place and all looks as it is supposed to.

Thank you

Obviously I did make changes to the design!