Choosing whether product can be bought online?

Hi all,

I am creating a store for a client with the requirement that some products can be bought online and some not.

For the products that can’t be bought online they would like the product detail page to exclude the add to cart button and feature a quick form instead where the customer can enquire about the product.

I realise that the form would need to be handcoded in the template but Is there anyway in 2.0.7 that you can choose if the product can be bought online or not?

Many thanks

Why don’t you set price and make the setting 0 price do not add to the cart. For the form, you can configure a block as product form tab

Thanks. Some good ideas there.

I need to enter a price as they would still need to show prices but that has got me thinking about setting up an if else statement on the add to cart button. I could add a new field to the product table and do something like this:

if product_available == 0

show purchasing message


show add to cart button

I haven’t tried that with the form, I will give it a go as that would be great if it works out.

Not sure without trying this myself, however, as a quick thought… You may be able to accomplish this through one of the various inventory control settings within CS-Cart. Such as, not allowing a product to be added to the cart when out of stock, then of course you would set these certain products to have 0 stock. If possible, this would still allow the price to be displayed for these products yet they could not be purchased online.

Again, these are only quick thoughts, you will need to experiment to see if they are feasible!!

Thanks guys.

I tried the form on the product detail page thing by adding a block but it just shows a link to the form and not the form itself.

Is this default behaviour or have I done something wrong?

What I meant was actually a link tab for the form . Surely if it was form under the tab, it would be nicer !!

It would be a lot nicer.

I’ve been looking at the ‘send to friend’ addon to see if it can been copied and manipulated.

The only difference between that tab and what I need is:

  1. Remove ‘Name of your friend’ field
  2. Remove ‘E-mail of your friend’ field
  3. Point all submissions to a particular email address (my clients)

    It would mean that the form is on all product details pages but the client would be happy with that.

Have you add this as a feature request in the bug tracker? This will benefit the whole community, thanks.