Choosing Options

Dear all,

I an looking for a function that will make the products options depend each other.

I'll explain:

For instance, I have a product that come with two sizes (small & large) and 4 fragrances

(vanilla, lavender, cherry & pomelo).

The product with the small package comes with all the 4 fragrances,

but the large one comes just with two- vanilla & lavender. The product was built by the “option combination”.

In the website, when I chose the size “small”, I can chose the whole 4 fragrances that appear in a different choosing box below the size choosing box,

but it also possible when I chose the large size.

I am looking for a function that will hide the 2 other fragrances (cherry & pomelo) when I chose the large size.

when I chose the large package and a fragrance that is not available for this size, the picture changes to the default picture and there is a label that say “out of stock”

I want to disable this and make the choice simpler and more correct.

Thanks in advance to all the replies.