Choose which option is the default one

This option should be so easy to implement I can’t imagine it taking a competent coder any more than a few minutes to develop…

When there are several options available for a product, CS cart always displays the first on on the list. This seems to make perfect sense, except for the fact that it doesn’t.

I sell a lot of stuff where the most common “size” is somewhere in the middle of the range of variants, and this selection often has a lower price than the ones that came before it (which obviously isn’t seen by the customer when they first look at the product).

Let’s say you’re selling dresses. Do you think it’s good for business if every time a size 12 woman goes to your site they have to change from the default selection of a size 2? I think NOT.

Sure, you could just change the order of how the variants are written, but I think we can all agree that they really should be in order.

So C’mon CS cart, let’s do what Volusion, Core Commerce, and Big Commerce do, and give us this very simple option!

All depends what you mean by in order, a-z, numerically, etc.

You can change the sort order position by using the number in the pos box on the variants tab


Yes, that would be a perfectly fine solution when it comes to choosing “color” or something similar, but when it comes to numerical sizes, they really should be in order within the drop down list.

All I'm saying is there should be a way to display the most “popular one” as the default (without having to mess with putting them out of order. Those other carts I mentioned can't hold a candle to CSC, but they all have this capability.