Choose From 2 Shipping Locations For A Vendor

Few of our vendors on MVE have multiple shipping locations for products. How can we create the shipping so that we can choose the location for a specific order for a certain category or his products or may be some SKU's itself

Also can the system store multiple shipping location for a vendor ?

Could you please specify what you need.

Do you need to define the shipping method to each product or category?

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we dont need the shipping method but the location to be chosen from where the product will be picked when we create the shipment. We use fedex to create a pickup for the vendor but we have no option to choose the address from where the product will be picked. since this vendor makes tshirts from one location and other apparel from other location so we want that there should be an option to choose the location while we create a shipment or some other way to track this.

You could more than likely use a hook to change the "origin" location for the shipping calculation based on whatever logic you want to apply (category, product, proximity to customer, etc.).

I'm not sure if you can use "Suppliers" within MVE for a vendor (I.e. a vendor have 2 suppliers for a product and hence 2 different origins based on product selected). But that would be how to do it within the cart without custom development.