choose default language

how can i choose default language for my website ?

i need to make my first language for my cart Arabic then users can select English if they wish !!

how can i do so

Go to Design/Appearance Settings

There you can set the default language for the admin panel and for the customer view.

i did that but still not working !!

Suggest you clear your browser cookies and try again, or use a browser that's never been to your store before to verify.

Last language and currencies are stored in cookies for future use. So if you change the default, you are changing it for new users, not existing users.

i have tried it but still no luck ??

one friend told me thats not working on 2.2.2 for front end !!

Can't advise any further from here. Would need access to your store to see what's going on and that's outside the forum.

PM with your gmail or msn ID please

You can contact me at (remove X's).